Samsung innovations make one of the world’s most dominant competitor.

Samsung mobile devices involve with Android operating systems presented by Google. However, a variety of uses and accesses offered by Samsung devices. Samsung devices created on the 1st of March 1938. This founded by Mr Lee Byung Chul in Daegi, Japanese Korea. Not of Samsung mobiles but also other electrical items produced. Lee Kun Hee was the chairman while Lee Jae Yong was the vice chairman of the company. Samsung phones originated from South Korea. However, the 1st Samsung Android smartphone released in 2009. These smartphones recently updated by Tizen OS. Types of Samsung phones differ from one characteristic to another. Even country wise the prices of the Samsung smartphones differ.

So, in that case, different countries have their own prices according to their country. A Samsung phone price list also included. Samsung Galaxy A2 core Rs. 11,900, Samsung galaxy A20 Rs. 24,900, Samsung galaxy A70 Rs. 61,900, Samsung galaxy A10 Rs. 17.500, Samsung galaxy A30 Rs. 33,900, Samsung galaxy A50 Rs. 41,500, Samsung galaxy S10e Rs. 94,900 , Samsung Galaxy A9 ( 2018 ) Rs. 52,900 in Sri Lankan currencies. These are some of the new and latest versions of Samsung smartphones. Samsung duos are also smartphones that obtain dual SIMs in it. This designed and market by Samsung electronics. This was 1st released in the year of 2012 September. But these Samsung duos introduced to the public in July 2012. Samsung duos consist of 4 GB internal storage, 4-inch screen display, 5-megapixel camera and more other features common to the smartphones.

As Samsung smartphones are expensive, they even awarded by low prices. Samsung Galaxy A2 core Rs. 12,200, Samsung galaxy A20 Rs. 24,900, Samsung galaxy A10 Rs. 16,900, Samsung galaxy M20 Rs. 26,100, Samsung galaxy M10 with 32 GB storage Rs. 21,400, Samsung galaxy M10 = Rs.19,100 are some of the Samsung smartphones with low prices. Most of the Samsung smartphone powered by Android. The 1st version of Samsung android mobile was released in the year of 2009. All Samsung mobiles are much common by the features. Network, launch, body display, platform, memory, main camera, selfie camera, sounds, comms, sensors, battery and MICS are some of them. Samsung Galaxy phones were released from 2014 to 2017. On the year of 2019, an announcement by the company was released by informing the postpone of smartphones.

The latest Samsung cell phones released on the 11th of June 2019. Samsung Galaxy S10 plus, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung galaxy note 9, Samsung galaxy S10e, Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, Samsung galaxy note 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 plus are some of the latest Samsung smartphone released by the year of 2019. Samsung new mobile 2016 Samsung were galaxy A10e and Samsung galaxy j7 were two of them. Each of the Samsung mobile phones awarded by their own models. Samsung mobile phone prices are on different platforms as it differs from one phone to another. However, Samsung Android phones consist of many features. They vary from one cell phone to another. Characteristics, models, series are also included. Galaxy fold, galaxy S10e / S10 / S10+, galaxy note9, accessories, galaxy A80, galaxy buds, galaxy watch active, galaxy fit are all obtained by Samsung galaxy.

Samsung mobile phones are made in the capital of, but this is sold worldwide. All Samsung phones are sold worldwide according to the country currency and qualities of the phone. Samsung new models phones are released in the year of 2019. Hear flash chips and two foldable designs are allowed. Galaxy S10, Mi, Mi Mix 3, LG V50 and OnePlus are the versions of them. Samsung latest mobile phones are released by the year 2019. From Samsung galaxy, S10 Plus – Samsung Galaxy S8 plus are the most recent Samsung mobiles phones presented yet on the world. Samsung galaxy mobile prices increase and decrease according to the qualities and tend of the Samsung phones. Rather than Samsung mobile phones, Samsung speakers, Samsung wireless, Samsung mouse, Samsung joystick, Samsung video, Samsung keyboard, Samsung screens are presented by Samsung electronics.

While considering the best Samsung mobile phones, two main facts should be considered. The best Samsung phones obtained by the best camera and best phones industry. Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S7, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A9 pro, Samsung galaxy C9 pro, Samsung galaxy C7 pro, are them. These phones are much expensive in price. Galaxy cell phones is a computing device designed by Samsung electronics. Samsung Galaxy S10 plus is the best Samsung cell phone among the year 2019. Samsung galaxy S10e was the best smartphone during the year of 2018. Samsung headphones are connected with wireless Bluetooth access. Many types of headphones are presented by Samsung. Each of the headphone models consists of its own prices according to the country, and it’s the currency.

Here are some of the lastest mobile phones presented with the models and their prices. Samsung Galaxy S10 = Rs. 66900, Samsung galaxy M20 = Rs. 9990, Samsung galaxy A50 = Rs. 19350, Samsung galaxy M30 = Rs. 14990. Within the quarter of the year 2019, Samsung’s cell phones have been shipped over an amount of 71.9 million units. 1.2 billion Samsung mobile phones were sold to users. Samsung Galaxy J series is a line in android mobile devices which was produced in South Korea. This J series is also connected to the Samsung Galaxy series. From the 8th of April 2019 onwards, Samsung company released an announcement by informing that it would merge the J series into an A-line. Samsung Galaxy J5 is the cheapest Samsung smartphone presented yet. Samsung Galaxy S9 is the best phone for flagship lovers. While Samsung Galaxy A8 is the best for Samsung’s mid-rangers.

The hardware of Samsung flagship smartphones will almost last for 3 to 4 years. The batteries of the Samsung flash ship cell phone should replace within 1.5 years. The headphones and the charging jack should be changed within 3 years because it might not function well. Out of 10000 Samsung mobile phones, there are top 10 Samsung phones presented. Samsung galaxy M20 = Rs. 9,990, Samsung Galaxy J6 = Rs. 9,681, Samsung Galaxy J6 ( 64 GB ) = Rs. 11,290, Samsung galaxy A10 = 7,990, Samsung Galaxy J7 = Rs. 9,999, Samsung galaxy M10 ( 32 GB ) = 7,990, Samsung Galaxy J4 = Rs. 7,494, Samsung Galaxy J4 plus = Rs. 6,994, Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 = Rs. 5,990, Samsung Galaxy A2 core = Rs. 5,290 are the top 10 cell phones with their prices. The “J” stands for indicating joy or junior in the Samsung Galaxy J series. Samsung Galaxy S was 1st introduced to the public in the year of 2010 march. But this series was sold in the in June in the same year.

Samsung smartphones lead leadership in Android smartphones. Samsung galaxy consists of different series. ON series, J series, A series, C series, S series and Note series. All these series involves in different characteristics. Using ON series may lead us to loss of money. This is a significant wastage. Low prices and offers the crappiest specs, so it is good to never buy this series for anyone. Well, functioning does not happen in this series. In J series, specs are strictly okay. A better functioning system is involved in this J series. This series is being mostly used by old people who have an idea to use Samsung smartphones. This is obtained with many good feathers. Rather than that this series involved by a good display in it. The mid-range smartphone used by this series. In Sri Lankan money this is about 20 to 30 thousand rupees. Some Samsung smartphones that indicate the A series has a useful battery lifespan. Here also a good display is awarded by the A series.

C series is better for the usage of people, but a high cost is obtained by this series. The price of this series gradually increase and decrease according to some occasions. A useful lifetime in battery usage, a good display, a good camera and an active performance is done. Among the other series’ S series is also a series with the best qualities in it. Top-notch performance, an excellent camera, a brilliant display, with the most beautiful looks and a reasonable price is also obtained by the S series. Other than these series. The NOTE series is also presented; this is the most expensive Samsung smartphone. Almost about 10,000 to 68,000 rupees in Sri Lankan currency. The is offered with the best in class specs. A good display screen with more feature similar to other series’ are obtained, but the fault is that the lifetime of the battery is decently okay.