iOS 13 will take your iPhone to the next level coming this fall

iOS 13 makes new changes to all users

iOS 13 will take your iPhone to the next level by bringing every significant feature to the device. This fall will be great news for all iOS users. Stay connected with us to find out what more interesting updates comes your way. In this modern world, there are many types and brands of phones used for communicating and for other uses of day-to-day activities. Yet, iPhones proved that they are the best in the world; this falls a whole new look, on a whole new level of achievement they expect.

iPhone also such kind of device used for expressing and for other necessary purposes. There are many uses, advantages, disadvantages and many useful facts. iPhones are usually known as a smartphone. It made by an apple which connects, a computer, iPod, digital camera and a cellular phone with a touch screen surface. OS (operating system) runs the iPhones. iPhones first introduced to the people on January 9th, 2007 at San Francisco by the former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. The iPhone sold in the same year on June 29th. iPhone 1 was the first iPhone that released and later they released new models. There was a large market in the world for Apple iPhones. The 1st generation of the iPhones was thinner. iPhones also synchronised data via a portable USB like an iPod. Even mobile securities involved in iPhones.

Types of iPhones Apple introduced so far

There are many types of iPhones, and all differ from one another. However, all of these iPhone look prettier and similar in looks. So for all iPhone users, it will be challenging to find which type they use. It is easy to recognise the iPhones by checking the ‘A’ model on the back of the phone. If that is too small, iPhones users can also check the M model in the listed setting. However, there are many models related to the iPhones, iPhone user could be able to identify their model of the phone. Sometimes these model hard to find using the naked eye. So it is essential to check it clearly with a magnifying glass and find out which category your phone belongs. Some iPhones that we use belong to the second-hand groups. In some iPhones canon camera mark, three cameras also included using in games.

Types of iPhones apple introduced so far iOS app view on different types of iPhones

Much more than the 1st generation iPhones the modern generation phones well developed. More and more facilities involved than the first generations. Some of the types of iPhones and newest generations are, Original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhones 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X. These kinds consist of different capacities in storage. Back covers are also available for all iPhone models. It differs along with the size and appearance also. Even characteristics and usage may vary from one another.

All kinds of iPhones on for buy and sell

Each iPhone models have different characteristics. iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS curved. Unlike iPhone original, it does not get any black band lines in it. A logo carved less seen. iPhone 4, and iPhone 4s both contain a glass front. iPhone back covers typically presented in black and white. iPhone 5 is much similar to the iPhone 4, and iPhone 4s. However, it is taller in display than iPhone 4 models. Comparing to iPhone 5, iPhone 5s is larger and the colour schemes different. Gold, silver, grey, black and white can repair. iPhone 5c is easy to recognise. Have bright colours and curved plastic back covers. The sixth-generation is the iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s. It contains rounded edges and replaces the square looks in other models. The plus models include large screens, colours like rose gold, silver, grey and gold are present.

All kinds of iPhones Buy and Sell on
All kinds of iPhones Buy and Sell on

iPhone 6 plus and 6s plus are similar to iPhone 6. However, it obtains a large display with 5.5inches and does not consist of many colours. Rose gold can see in iPhone SE and iPhone 6s models. iPhone 7 has a display 4.7inches, and it is similar to the iPhone 6 models. iPhone 7 slimmer compared to the other models. It is available in 6 colours, and Red is the main. It consists of a glass back. iPhone 7 and 7 plus similar. The only difference in the iPhone 7 plus is display big with 5.5inches than iPhone 7. iPhone 8 and iPhone X consist of ample storage of 64GB or 256GB. iPhone 8 plus is similar to iPhone 7 plus with a 5.5inch display include twin lens camera and an aluminium back used. iPhone X can easily recognise and has two cameras on the back arranged vertically.

iOS 13 will give a more powerful update than other versions.

iOS 13 will take your iPhone to the next level this fall. There is an iOS 13 beta now available on iPhones. This version is about to arrive in July 2019. As long as Apple iPhones are compatible with the new OS, it helps to keep the iPhones more refreshing and more secure and make it works faster too. Even swiping keyboards are available. Portrait lighting for photos rotates a video are also done using iPhones. Removal of duplicate images and highlight the best shots included. Adding for effects, smoothing the skin of the photos can do. Other than that, intensity and location added to the portrait lighting. Dark modes and new photo tools used to edit and do other necessary things. These are some of the Apple iPhones changes coming soon.

iOS 13 will make a newest change over previous versions.
iOS 13 will make the newest change over previous versions.

iOS used only in Apple iPhones. The OS used in iPads, iPods, and tablets as well. So there are more contributed core features as well. iOS 13 announced in the iPhone 11, this revealed in September. Later there will be more features produced. However, buyers engaging with iOS 13 is particularly crucial in the year 2019. The next iPhone will be like android rivals in critical elements.

iOS 13 Features

Apple iOS 13 consist of new features such as photo apps automatically organised by the year, month and date. This will be easier for finding photos. However, live pictures and videos play as a scroll. Photos viewed based on each year, month and date. This obtains a folder named apple find my phone and see my friend, my friends. This helped to find a friend while they are locating nearby. The real value of finding missing or lost our lost or missing devices shown by this.

Using a Bluetooth beacon, this done. No internet facilities required. No one else can install or reboot the phone until it activated by ourselves. Without the help of email sign in with apple, the feature helps to log in to accounts and apps quickly. This can call as an apple version of logging in. Apple also blocks tracking app locations from WiFi and Bluetooth. It gets an audio update. Instead of chipped voices, new Siri sounds obtained. This is smoother and more natural to hear.

Using iPhones win millions of people trust and its benefits

As every device consists of advantages and disadvantages, the iPhone too have these facts. According to the usage, the device could harm. So this might also be an advantage for the iPhone users. The most obvious benefit of using an iPhone or any accessory is communicating with society. Usage of iPhones is much more different while comparing with the other branded phones. In some occasions, it may be hard to use or easy to use. Long time battery usage, flashlights, internet access, texting and calling are also some of the main benefits of using iPhones. Portable USB, fingerprint locks, high-quality photography system also obtained in the iPhones.

Other than that, iPhones presented through iOS platforms. This brings a considerable advantage in developing an app. Proving powerful shields against malware and viruses did use this. Unlike other devices, the iPhone also consists of a high-quality microphone. Even the software is designed by the hardware in iPhones. 64bit processor, aluminium housing, excellent camera, ear pods headphones are also some of the advantages.

iPhone pros higher than cons

iPhone has many advantages as they got disadvantages too. The main problem is that it is hard to recognise the differences between the different models. The shapes and colours are much similar to each other. But in one hand there are ‘A’ numbers to find out the model type of iPhones. Scratches, new lighting 30 – pin adapter, the battery cannot change, no memory card used, display 4” only are some of the main disadvantages presented in iPhones.

A minimum number of problems are present while a variety of advantages indicated in using iPhones. iPhones are one of the best brand overall in the world. Having proper internal storage is also better for the usage of the iPhone user. Except that memory card cannot use. So, in that case, the internal storage of the iPhones comes in a higher amount. Most of the advantages and disadvantages referred to according to the model type. So it is essential to know about those advantages and disadvantages.

Reasonable Prices of iPhones in Sri Lanka can find on

iPhones exist in different colours and models. All prices of iPhone depend on these facts. Latest iPhones are available in Sri Lankan marketplace. iPhones price increase higher with more features. iPhones also used for online sales. iPhones are better than using second handphones. iPhones are usually expensive due to the models of the iPhones. However, iPhones sold in many countries. The prices of iPhones differ from one country to another country. Here are some latest Sri Lankan iPhone prices you can find on Apple iPhone XR : Rs 131,900 , iPhone XS Max : Rs 189,900 , iPhone XS : Rs 175,500 , iPhone 6s : Rs 49.900 , iPhone 6s Plus : Rs 69,900 , iPhone 8 Plus : Rs 125,400 , iPhone 8 Plus : Rs 102,900 , iPhone X : Rs 143,900 , iPhone 7 : Rs 89,600 , iPhones 7 Plus : Rs 90,900.

All kinds of iPhones on in Sri Lanka
All kinds of iPhones on in Sri Lanka

Apple iPhone 7 Plus are cheap too, and it consists of high storage containing 128 GB. Sometimes the back cover of the iPhones provided free, and also in some models, these back covers required for the iPhones sold at a specific price. iPhone 7 Plus compare prices with the iPhone 7 Plus black jet. Though the iPhone is expensive in Sri Lanka. According to other countries, it may be more expensive or less expensive. The highest storage present in iPhone is 256 GB. Even though the storage amount is high, then the prices of the iPhones are yet low in some and higher in some. iPhone sold overall in the world. Most of the people use the iPhone according to their views. iPhone priced according to their qualities. iPhones consist of good quality in the cameras and other accesses as well.